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About me

I am a coder attracted by new technologies and sciences with a keen interest for Internet.
I have a passion for photography and graphics.
I love every kind of music (I have played guitar and piano), traveling, respecting nature, watching US series, cooking, walking, cycling, playing Adventure Games.

My work

I'm working as software developer for the VFX studio MPC, in London, since February 2014.
In there I'm responsible for development of new department tools and APIs in Python, including an asset management system and a camera baking tool in Maya. It's a very interesting position, as I'm an important connection between the Heads of Departments of Crowd and Layout and the software Core developers.

Previously I have worked for the 3D Animation Studio nWave Digital, in Bruxelles.
My team, formed by three persons, has built a new production pipeline for the new feature film "Tuesday's Tale".

My first experience as Pipeline developer was in Rainbow CGI, in Rome, where I was responsible for the all the code and the databases of the company.

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Personal information

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience
As soon as I graduated I started to work in a great 3D animation studio in Rome. At first, I started as intern as PHP developer, then I have learned Python and I love it!
Education Language skills
Technical skills
I have a strong interest in Web Accessibility, Usability and W3C standards.